Tricks for Higher Rankings and tips for On Page SEO

By June 7, 2018On page SEO

For any website search engine optimization is an important part. Including a vast variety of tasks, and broking up into two different parts is what required for performing search engine optimization on your website. On page SEO is the first one and off page SEO the second one.

 On your website include Meta tags

The title tag of your website will be the most important Meta tag – when your website is accessed this is the text that shows up at the top of the browser bar. You should include a description on each of your web pages and include Meta tags for keywords.

The speed of your website should be optimized

Optimizing the speed of your website is the very first thing that you should do when performing on page SEO on your website. Start by comparing your speed to the speed of your competitor’s website and by checking the current speed of your website. Loading is better when your website is faster.

Optimize your content by using keyword

You have to target keywords to rank in search engines. As search phrases think of keywords – terms people will enter into search engines to find results.

Start with keyword research before publishing or writing any content for your website. Topic should be decided and then relevant keywords should be searched and what suits your content, choose that kind of keywords.

On your web pages Use tags

Search engines like Google will be able to index your pages easier if you use the right tags, and your rankings can also increase. Where it seems appropriate by using header tags you can start.


While building high authority backlinks to your website is an important part of search engine optimization, doing proper on page SEO is just as important. You won’t be able to take advantage of all the benefits of search engine optimization without the proper on page SEO.

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