Know about the importance of positive reviews on Google

What will begin to add more credibility to your local place of business is the review of people on your local place of business and over a period of time your local SEO will begin to improve its ranking Based on their experience with your company people will post reviews about your business.

Where customer reviews can greatly enhance or damage your business is when most of the people do their homework before purchasing. To see what others have experienced People are turning to the reviews. To spend their hard-earned dollars they want to know if they can trust this company.

For reviews you have several places:

• On the search engines they are available directly
• On 3rd-Party Search Directories in your local profile they are also available

The thing that helps your business is the positive review posting by the people in each month. Each and every month you want to keep the good reviews coming and this comes back to your customer service as a business.

Out of several dozen reviews if you have one or two bad then it is expected. But to your online presence a string of bad reviews can be devastating and ruin the opportunity of getting new business.

There are some resolutions if you have several bad reviews:

• About how you can improve your service and start implementing those changes ask to your customers. What will notice and start posting more positive reviews are when you over time your customers.
• For your customer base in exchange for them taking the time to place a positive review for you implement a customer service program to offer rewards or discounts.
• For each positive review, by offering employee incentives you can turn your staff into a team.
• On how to give good customer service train your staff.

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