Know about the detailed idea of Social Media Optimization

A form of search engine marketing is SMO and huge traffic is driven to the website is ensured by various SMO rules that are formulated. Here it needs to be underlined that SMO relies on more channels to steer traffic, unlike SEO.

Social Media Optimization rules are as follows:

  • For easy linking ability is provided
  • Add Bookmarking and tagging
  • Participate
  • Dynamic content
  • On your dynamic contents allow comments to be posted
  • For your website create Blog
  • Social Networking
  • Get LinkedIn

Social bookmarking sites depend more on users simply sharing the content that you create on platforms where other users can find these recommendations and vote for their favourites, as well as comment and rank them, while traditional social media such as MySpace or Facebook relies on users creating content about your site.

Not only the traffic you will be getting will be of a higher quality than other traffic options but your content on a social bookmarking site create a buzz about your company too.

Not only you should try and bookmark your good quality content on these social bookmarking sites, you should also encourage others to do it once you have them. This doesn’t mean that getting your family and friends to vote for your content out of the goodness of their, but setting up the buttons on your site which will allow your enthusiastic users to support your efforts and share them with others.

Social Media Optimization means that it will be valuable to spend time on sites building a following and creating feedback and is also about the community.

On these sites spam is widespread. Users will be quick to veto you from ever participating on them if there’s any suspicion of malpractice and they are wary of more. Hurrying may lead to mistakes so take time to find out how social bookmarking sites work and take it slowly.

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