We Ensure to Convert Well the Keywords Chosen

As their major PPC network, Google Ad Words are used by many advertisers. However, it can also be used in SEO for getting paid traffic to your site in along with using AdWords. Here is a trick how we use AdWords for SEO.

We need to verify if these keywords really work for you after the keywords are decided upon. We see whether they convert properly or not. You can never know for sure if they work well or not if you they are not tested in practice, no matter while picking your keywords how precise you’ve been. We pick lucrative keywords with low levels of competition and high global search volume.

For example, for a website that doesn’t offer SEO services, optimizing for the keyword “Search Engine Optimization” can be tried. For “Search Engine Optimization “to get at the first page on Google it could take a long time with a lot of hard work and still there is no guarantee for this to happen.

However, let’s assume that this happens – after a year of hard SEO effort it manages to top Google for “Search Engine Optimization”.

As the bounce rate for this particular keyword turned out to be very high, the expected results were not brought by even the first place for “Search Engine Optimization” on Google unfortunately.

A lot of people reaching us via “Search Engine Optimization” may not be getting what they’re searching for as this company does not provide SEO Services.

Instead, lower bounce rates might be there with lesser popular keywords, such as “SEO Techniques” or “SEO Tips” and as compared to “Search Engine Optimization “these may actually perform better.

The price paid is surprising but the result is not. It would have saved a lot of trouble if the company had launched an AdWords campaign.

For “Search Engine Optimization” it could have spent some pennies on AdWords and to figure that this keyword has a high the bounce rate it would have taken them few time. A year of wasted SEO efforts could have been saved by this expenditure on AdWords.