For Your Google AdWords Campaigns Select the Best Keywords

By June 7, 2018Google Adwords

For the advertising campaigns, keywords are the foundation as they trigger ads. So, it is very important to choose keywords relevant to the business from the get go. To evaluate the business, products, services or message it is very important to identify the right keywords.

Expand; match, group, test, scrub, and refine are the five-steps that are involved in the Google process of keywords creation & selection.

Create a list of all relevant keywords in first step in Google Adwords campaign. A lot of brainstorming is required in this process.

If you are targeting any specific location etc. analyze your marketing objectives & try to find out some more relevant keywords like regional specific keywords. A very important part of this process is the competitor’s evaluation.

Broad match, phrase match, exact match, and negative match are the keywords that you should choose.
For all keywords broad match is the default setting. It means that the thing that will display your ad is all searches along with that word.

By requiring the words to appear in that exact order phrase match narrows your reach. So with laser and printer in the order, as in HP laser printer “laser printer” shows your ad for searches.

By showing your ad when the exact phrase is used in the search exact match further narrows your reach – without any other words before, between, or after.

Searched phrases that you don’t want your ad to appear on, negative match eliminates them.

It’s time to refine after creating, expanding, and targeting your keyword list in Google Adwords campaign. From your list all the keywords that aren’t relevant to your business cut them out. What is usually best is the use of two- to three-word phrases.

As we mentioned before, into similar themes, products, or types so you can write ads targeted to each group you should organize keywords.

Test and Refine
Search advertising is dynamic – ad campaigns are constantly revised by the advertisers and for different things searchers are constantly searching.

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